Raw Herbs

We distribute more than 750 kinds of commonly used raw herbs. All raw herbs are purchased by specialized staff from the best regions throughout China to assure only the highest grade herbs are selected. The herbs purchased will then be processed and packaged by our own factory. As every stage is strictly monitored, the quality of raw herbs could be sustainable and maintained. We welcome and tailor all individual needs or special requests such as purchasing of required herbs and custom-made quantity or packaging. To reward our customers, we offer discounts on any bulk orders.

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1:10 Concentrated Granules

We supply more than 400 types of 1:10 single formula of concentrated granules from Neo-Green Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (四川新绿色科技发展有限公司). Neo-Green Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is currently one of six nationally designated companies for providing research, manufacture and sales of granules. It has been the leading enterprise of manufacturing single formula of concentrated granules, and has successively passed the assessment of international Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standard for six years. All herbs are extracted by using state-of-art extraction and concentration technology to ensure the quality of the finished granulated product is consistent, safe and effective. The granules have been successfully exported to the USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia etc.

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Medical Devices

We supply small equipments for producing Traditional Chinese Medicine. The series of grinders and slicing machines for TCM, and multi-functional bolus making machines always ranked first nationwide. The products have been winning very good reputation and are also exported to America, UK. Southeastern Asian countries and etc.

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